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If you are bored with classical variant of game, we’re sure that Crazy Cactus Bingo will cheer you up! Relax under the hot Mexican sun and enjoy this funny but very profitable play. You’ll have to deal with 30 balls, 4 cards and 12 beneficial patterns - the stuff, but not the fluff!

This variation belongs to family of South America Bingo games or Latin Bingo. As in all games of this series, in this one the balls you’re playing with are selected randomly. The aim is fairly simple - in order to win you should complete the given pattern by means of 4 game cards. After the stake in Crazy Cactus Bingo is placed, 30 balls each having a particular number of them, will be drawn. You are shown one of the pattern, and in case the numbers appeared on the cards, form it, lucky you are!

Still want more? Then use extra credits and get ten additional balls - they boost chances to hit the required winning combinations. This option is offered, when the numbers of other thirty are already determined and the additional ball can help to complete the profitable sequence. If you'd love to try more variants, we offer you a demo version of Wizard Bingo - another entertaining game.

Get The Party Started

Surely, the surprises of Crazy Cactus Bingo haven’t come to an end yet. Players are offered special Bonus game which allows the luckiest ones to gain more profit. This round is launched when one of the cards forms a beneficial pattern. You will see sombreros appeared on the screen and select the one you like most. After that you get a prize it hides - its value is determined by the size of your stake. If there word “End” is revealed, the bonus game is finished and the amount of money you’ve won is calculated to the general amount of your credits.

One More Advantage Of Crazy Cactus Bingo

Very simple interface, which doesn’t require any instructions or explanations can be considered as one more plus point of the game. As soon as it’s launched, in the middle of the playing field you’ll see a huge cactus wearing sombrero. When the game starts its mouth opened and the balls with numbers are coming out. All of them are located on a special scale - there is another one special for additional set of balls.

Autoplay is also available - in case you’ve selected it, the rounds of Crazy Cactus Bingo will be played by means of computer program without any human participation.

User’s settings such as screen size and sound level are also adjustable - the buttons to regulate them are located in the upper right part of playing field.