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European Roulette For Real Money – What's It All about?

Roulette is one of the oldest and most known table games. It is supposed that it appeared in France about three hundred years ago (nearly eighteenth century) and now it is so popular that various investigators include it to top three table games all over the world. As all gambling games, European Roulette for real money offers you a possibility to win breathtaking amounts of money, and if you want to try your luck in it, owing to high-tech solutions there is no need to abandon cozy atmosphere of your room and set off for Monte-Carlo, for example. Just open your Internet browser and enjoy! Playing for real money will certainly give you adrenaline rush and make your purse heavier. So, if you brought yourself to try this game, it is necessary to learn more about its types and their special features.

There are about one hundred kinds of roulette, but the most popular ones, offered on online casino sites are European, American and French roulette. In this review we are going to dwell upon European roulette for real money and its peculiarities.

Rules Overview – How To Handle The Wheel

In general, the whole game consists of a ball, a table divided in separate sections painted in red and black and a wheel. Number “0” is green. Each section has its proper number, which are non-sequential. In Real Money European Roulette the table has thirty seven sectors. A player is to bet on one or more number and color. Then press “Spin” and watch where will your ball land – it can do it wherever with equal chance. If your predictions are successful, you are awarded with a multiplied win.

Usually sizes of bets vary from one dollar up to one hundred per spin, but it depends on a particular game.

Where To Spin It For Cash

European Roulette for real money is offered on majority of online casino sites in “Table games” section. For example, you may visit Quasargaming, where developers propose you several variants of this game. Instructions are almost same as described above: simply predict where the ball falls, turn the wheel and expect the results. To begin you select a stake (it is easily regulated with buttons plus and minus). Then press Start and the wheel begins to spin. You can use Autoplay option, when it spins automatically without player's participation. There is a huge amount of variants of bets: two neighboring numbers, stake on numbers in a row including zero, choosing numbers neighboring to zero etc. Maximum size of bet that you can set with real money in this European Roulette casino online is five hundred euro per spin.