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Hoffmeister slot — free play, bonuses review

Fortunately, world movie industry has some legendary works and names that are worth of eternal veneration. Actor David Michael Hoff starred in the title role of Knight Rider TV series is particularly of this kind and new Novomatic Hoffmeister slot game is inspired by his doubtless talent.

Hoffmeister slots play instructions

Interface of this game is provided with necessary buttons for successful settings regulations. They are placed under playing field and supplied with windows displaying corresponding figures, as in Happy Fruits slot.

- Lines and Bet/Line buttons are used to vary stake size. They are supplied with “+/-” signs that increase/ decrease number of bet lines and wager amount per single line. Total stake size is reflected in Bet window.

- Autoplay button is coloured in green and located in left bottom corner. It launches series of repeated spins lasting until Stop button is pressed.

- Hoffmeister slot online also includes Gamble option that refers to Risk game start. When any Paytable win takes place on reels player chooses if he wants to gamble or not. If risk round is failed Collect button allows to save  current win amount.

- Paytable button opens the section where all symbols are depicted in sequence with their payouts. Winning line schemes and combinations along with bonus round conditions are stated there as well.

Hoffmeister slots winning combinations

All symbols presented in Paytable can be divided into regular and special categories. Regular symbols are paid with accordance to Paytable and form rewarding combos landing on selected paylines in quantity of 3 – 5. In regarded slot machine they are represented in images of:

- yacht and car

- watches and ring

-  a girl

- standard card A, K, J, Q, 9, 10

Special symbols has additional option of forming new beneficial prizes. Bonus games rules are explained in Paytable and Help section located in right top corner:

- Hoffmeister image is Wild element, it displaces another symbols excluding Scatters.

- Hoffmeister slot machine also features 11 free spins that are started with 3 – 5 randomly landed scatters.

- Fixed Wilds appear on reels during bonus games and remains there until the end of the course.