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Play Keno Online For Real Money And For Fun

It’s no wonder that this ancient lottery-type table game is still popular, and transformed to free online keno. This fact can be explained by relatively simple rules and totally absorbing course of game. In this review we are going to expand on instructions to Keno and description of the buttons of its online interface. On our website you can play free demo version - in order to gamble for real, visit our suggested online casinos.

Rules Of Online Keno Game That Remained Unchanged

When the game is started you’ll see a special so-called Keno table - a square divided into smaller section each having its own reference number. All these figures are arranged in numerical order from 1 to 80. Before the game starts you have to select from 2 to 10 of them by clicking. Surely, if you changed your mind and decided to stake on another number, you may cancel your choice by clicking on already marked section. And if all the figures selected do not satisfy you, just press Clear bar. These options remain unchanged both in free keno games for fun and in its real variants.

While choosing numbers to place your bets on, on the leftmost of the screen you’ll find table of payouts, so that they can be easily controlled - you’ll see the size of your winnings (Payouts division) payed for a certain number of correctly choisen sections (Hits). The amount of prize depends on the number of sections you’ve marked.

Next step is selecting the size of your stake to be placed during one round of the game. It can be increased or decreased with corresponding buttons - + or -. Choose attentively, especially if you play keno online for money. After you’ve determined a suitable amount, press Play One or Play Five - the first one activates one round while the last triggers series consisting of five games. After you’ve clicked one of these bars, twenty balls fall on twenty random sections of playing field. If a sufficient amount of numbers you’ve selected is among the divisions the balls fell on, then you are paid the prize according to table of winnings.

Interface In Brief

To crown it all, let’s briefly describe buttons the interface consists of the following items:

  • Clear - used to cancel all the numbers you’ve already selected.
  • Play One - activates one round of the game.
  • Play Five - triggers five continuous rounds.

Theoretical return to player, when you play keno online for real money depends on the number of sections you’ve chosen, and ranges from 92.09% to 92.00%.