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Multi Wheel Roulette Game Review

In general, in Multi-Wheel Roulette a player should do nothing extraordinary - same purpose, same balls, same wheel. But the thing is that instead of one wheel you can try your luck on six of them simultaneously! So, your chances to win are multipied 6 times - sounds incredible, doesn’t it? The object of the game is similar to the one in classical variant - a successful prediction of which section the ball lands on will guarantee huge wins! Let’s look at the differences and other peculiarities of this game more precisely. By the way, despite regular roulette kinds, our website also offers such specific variants as Marvel Roulette - the one which will appeal to admirers of popular comics universe.

Few Words Before You Start

The first thing every gambler should do before start playing Multi Wheel Roulette is to determine money values he’s going to play with. It can be done simply - click on the chips having corresponding values on them and then start spinning the wheel waiting whether the fortune smiles to you today. And that’s all! The bets placed on the table can be simply removed, if you changed your opinion - pushing Shift with a single mouse click successfully deletes it.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Try to place stakes against determined limits - their amounts depend on the level you obtain in the game. You can learn more about them when pushing Details sign on the screen of Multi Wheel Roulette. There is also an opportunity to stake on different areas at the same time - just place your chips there, having clicked on the sections.

If you want to take complete control on your winnings, you’ll be glad to hear that gameplay offers History Bar - this field contains detailed info concerning previous successful spins.

Briefly About Hot Keys

The gameplay is fairly simple even for the beginner and consists of following buttons:

  • Spin - central button, which makes the wheel spinning and starts a round of Multi Wheel Roulette game
  • Clear Bets - by pushing this key you delete all bets you’ve placed before
  • Rebet - makes placing same stake as in previous round possible
  • Double - increases bets twice
  • Wheels - regulates the amount of wheels (1-6)
  • Wheel Bet - using this key you adjust the quantity of spins placed on the table
  • Bet - shows general amount of your stake
  • Win - reflects the size of profit gained in this round