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Penalty Shootout – Review & Rules Of Arcade Game

If you are keen on football, then Penalty Shootout casino game is for you. It is one of arcades, which will give real feelings of playing process. As it goes in a game, a penalty can save all team and make a goal. Try yourself as a famous sportsman and win an award. If you love slot games too, then Top Trumps World Football Stars slot, also dedicated to football theme, will appeal to you.

Are You Ready For Penalty Shootout?

It is one of the conscious moments when a football player is given a chance to hit the gates. Football fans are always very emotional when it comes to such important event, especially if in few minutes the game will be finished. So, here is your chance to win - just make a precise kick.

The strategy of this game is very simple and logical. As a user starts playing he is asked stakes per one bet. It can be $0.10, $0.20 or $0.30, $0.40, or $0.50, $0.75, $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, or even higher like this $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $75 and the biggest is $100. So, a gamers' first attempt in Penalty Shootout online game can be of small money value, to make some practice. But then, when he becomes more professional and is sure about the playing, he can bet more sums. When stakes are chosen, you have to decide the direction of ball falling. There are such combinations, left and right corners (it will multiply your bet 3 times), the same, but upper ones (is 12x) and top central position (increases your stakes for 5X). If you have made your decision already then select one of the big arrows, it becomes yellow when is pointed. After a player hits the ball, a keeper will catch it or not (as it happens in the real life). In case he takes a ball, there will appear the words Keeper Saved The Shot and a gamer will not be given currency. If the opposite situation occurs while playing Penalty Shootout, you will see Goal! and your bet amount will be multiplied due to the position of your kick.

Become A Winner Today

Kick button launches virtual game. A player can see the result of ten playing on the big tabloid where it is written Keeper History. If the round wasn't successful there is displayed red cross, the yellow check mark shows positive result. On the upper line of your screen, you will find two buttons. One of it is for the sound settings and the other screwdriver is for some peculiar features, like disabling warning messages, dealer voices, skipping intro video and so on. In case something is bad with your internet, your game will be saved and you can continue it any day. Animated heroes of this game make the process of playing football very entertaining. Everyone, who tried Penalty Shootout at least one time, will play it many times.