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Sic Bo Game — Rules, Interface Description

Sic Bo casino game — a play of Asian origin, is still loved by gamblers all over the world. It is known for many years and experienced lots of transformations. Nowadays it is represented in flash variant, thus attracting those who are accustomed to gambling online. Why is it loved by players? Maybe the secret of its extreme popularity is the simplicity of rules - they are as easy as in Blackjack or Baccarat, for example. But if there are any difficulties, our guide can help.

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Rules Known For Ages

The object of Sic Bo online game is rather simple - your task will be to guess the way the dice lands and place correct bets in order to win. When the game is launched a player sees a special betting field, which is devided into several smaller areas. Such a construction allows players to put their stakes on several fields at a time - reminds Roulette in a way, doesn’t it? The difference is that instead of spinning the wheel it is necessary to roll the dice. The size which appears influences the probability of winning the prize. As for placing stakes, there are some special options like Big Bet and Small Bet. Let’s see what’s special about each one of them and what features are also offered in Sic Bo game online.

  • Small Bet signifies that the money value placed on three dice should be lower than ten, and not all of them will match.
  • Vice versa, Big Bet means that a bet should exceed eleven.
  • There is also such feature as Specific Triple available. When it’s active, despite placing your stakes on three matching dice, you are to choose the number which to your opinion appears on each one of them.
  • Specific Double allows to make your bets on two or three dice having the same number.
  • Domino Combination bet - a player wagers on the situation when two numbers will appear among three of the dice.

Both in Sic bo game free and real money variant it is also possible to place your bets on a single number. But the most common stake in this game is the total one of three of the dice - the payouts depend on the likelihood of the number. You can wager on any of the figures from four up to seventeen.