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South Park slot

"Sweeeet!" Does that hippie voice sound familiar? Are we hearing Cartman's voice here? Yes, that's right! It's Cartman along with Stan, Kenny and Kyle, all your favorite characters from South Park bringing more amusement and laughter to you with the awesome South Park slot! Join in and experience living in the one-of-a-kind town of South Park yourself and spend endless hours of fun in this unique, colorful and highly entertaining game like Blood Suckers slot and Gonzos Quest slot machine!

Features of the slot

You can play this slot machine game for free. The South Park Slot machine game has 5 reels and 3 unique rows of South Park symbols in addition to this famous group's faces, like colorful and bold individual letters of the alphabet, wild cards and bonus symbols. It has 25 paylines that give you a preview of what looks like line graphs on the slot machine once you hover on these paylines, allowing you to study what to bet on. Then you can get paid the highest reward or winnings per line. The Paytable determines the chaotic town's winning combinations.

The Wild card symbols serve as substitutes of any other Southpark symbol in-game, just not for the Bonus symbols, and this pays the greatest winning combination there could be for a bet you made on a line. The game also presents other characters in the show like Terrance and Phillip and all-time Christmas Poo Mr Hankey, randomly activating the mini features which places wild symbols on your slot machine.

Play South Park slot machine online

The game has four bonus rounds headed by each South Park character. In Kyle's game, you get a prize for kicking the baby! You just have to help Kenny keep himself alive in his bonus game! Stan gives sticky wilds, because of unconsciously and effortlessly throwing up on Wendy! Cartman avoids a police officer while searching bushes for hidden prizes! These added features give free spins, tons of coins and cash prizes, which are designed to let you acquire more wealth!

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