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Enjoy Spiderman slots game online

The Spiderman slot game is based on Spiderman, the legendary superhero. It is based on novel ideas of the influential characters of Spiderman. The game is based on the supernatural capabilities of Spiderman. Each section of the game is a story that the character went through. Just like in most of his comic books and his movies, this superman is always after a marauding villain. This is what this game is based on. Check out other slot from the Marvel series, like Iron Man 2 slot, for example.

Design of the Slot and Gameplay

The Spiderman slot machine consists of 5- reels and 25- line slots. The paylines allow the reels to bond in various ways. The player only clicks on the button labeled 'spin’. This excites the reels and they begin gyrating rapidly. When they stop, any three symbols are depicted on the screen. The player wins their bet in case all the three symbols match. In addition to the winnings, the player also wins extras based on the rarity of the symbols. The highest bet goes to a maximum of 10000 in such an instance.

Symbols and Payouts

The game has arrow buttons that allow the player to choose the screens. There is a paytable screen that contains all the total earnings or payouts of the player. Other features such as the Spidey Snapshot Symbol and the Hot Zone Free Games explain some aspects of playing the game. Whenever a player attains the bonus round, the Spiderman Collection Symbol appears describing the way the player can play the bonus round. In some instances, the wild symbol appears on the payline implying that the player has the capability of winning more money.


A bonus symbol or the Spiderman Collection Bonus Symbol appears when similar symbols are on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. This can also appear as the progressive jackpot slot where a player is given an opportunity to take a higher risk and play for more money.

Gamble Spiderman slot machine online

The thrill brought about by the risk, and adventure that Spiderman undertakes in fighting the villain makes this game quite appealing. The fact that the Spiderman Slots Game is free to play also makes it addictive.