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10s Or Better Online

10s or Better belongs to online table games. It successfully combines the main poker strategy with interactive video poker. The intriguing dark-blue interface will dive you into the relaxing playing atmosphere. 

Start The Poker Draw

You are lucky to try this poker machine, cause it easily leads you through the gambling action. Besides, it can become a kind of tutorial for those people, who play poker for the first time and never tried playing table games before. By the way, we also recommend you to try simple Mini Roulette online -  it will suit those who are complete newbies in gambling.

So, what is required to get an award? A person has to combine the appropriate images of cards within 5 given elements. What can you do while playing? Since you start your poker strategy, five different or maybe some matching cards will be shown in one line. After you see each of it, you can freeze four or three or two of them and start again the draw, but the only card will change that wasn't stable. But the one fact, which is required to remember, that in 10s or Better it is allowed to substitute images with cards only once.

10s Or Better Online

In the game are used the standard poker rules. But one thing is added, it stands in the existence of one more win combination - two tens. We want to describe for you all possible hands. The "Royal Flush" comes the first because it is the most effective combination and it can be combined on the basis of sequent equal suite images of 10s, then Jack and Queen, King and the last is Ace. There is also simple "Straight Flush" where just 5 other cards, which appear in sequence bring a win. Then comes "4 of a Kind", which consists of images of the identical denomination. "Full house" in 10s or Better means triple same cards and a pair of another same sign elements. "3 of a Kind" is created when 3 alike pictures appear and the other two doesn't matter. "2 Pairs" the name speaks for itself- 2 and 2 same cards must appear. The last and the smallest one is "Tens or better" which requires any 2 same elements to be presented.

10s Or Better Game Interface - Hot Keys

We have summarized all the possible hands in our game and we hope you will memorize it all. How does this winning machine works? It is essential to set the number of coins you will use for every playing round in 10s or Better (use the "+-" keys). Then a gambler can select "Bet One" that puts one more coins to the stake or "Bet Max", which enlarge the amount of money to the maximum level (it automatically launch the game). By selecting this "Bet One" a user will need then to click "Deal". When you have already got at least one award you can "Double" it or just "Collect". One more important option is the "Rules" button, where all instructions to poker are shown.