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Blackjack For Real Money - Rules, Instructions

Respected gamblers, some days ago we realized that it`s been a while since we haven`t precisely discussed table games getting lost in all incredible slots variety. Today, we suggest to start from probably the most well-known and easy one - so, let`s discover how to play Blackjack for real money online together.

Well, what a piece of fruitful information you`ll extract from this article?

  • A brief digression on games history
  • Main purpose and rules
  • Betting strategies
  • Where to play on the Internet


17th Century - Let It Be The Origin

Although nearly all gambling games have quite indefinite historical roots, specialists usually agree that Blackjack originates to the 17th century when in French gambling houses players start practicing "Vingt en Un" game that is translated as "Twenty One".

Interesting, that "Vingt en Un" rules are very similar to modern real money blackjack rounds, the only exception is that in its earlier form it was possible to double the bet.

Playing Order And Rules

Commonly, the course is lead with 6 decks that are mixed after every deal. Gamers compete not with each other but with Dealer - they have to collect card combination exceeding dealers one in points but not higher than 21. However, if it is - you automatically lose.

Blackjack hands value is determined by summarizing all cards denominations. Cads dignity equals its number index while Queen, Jack and King cost 10 points, Ace stands for 1 or 11 depending on the situation.

The best hand is Ace and 10 - it gives 21 and is called "Natural Blackjack". At the games start players get 2 face down cards while one of dealers is open. If dealer receives Ace gambler is able to protect himself setting additional bet equaling half of initial wager.

Speaking about strategies used in online blackjack for real money, it`s really hard to predict whether they are working or not. Actually, there we no strategies implemented to this game for a long time, first of them began to appear when Las Vegas Blackjack rules were changed to make it more popular. In new variant the only one dealers card becomes revealed making round more predictable creating the ground for strategies birth.

Choose Your Secure Gambling Ground

Hundreds of gaming websites feature this game in their catalogues and all data presented in our article is actual to major part of them as rules and gameplay of Internet variations always match original variant. So, if you are tired to play online slots for money, discover BlackJack.

Among all sites variety we recommend to try Quasar Gaming Casino, as it offers wonderful sample of classic blackjack. Thanks to clear, high quality graphics provided by Novomatic soft along with pleasant unobtrusive thematic soundtrack in the games course you`ll feel yourself gambling at real casino. If you trust our experience mark Quasar Gaming as the best online casino for blackjack real money rounds.