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Blackjack Surrender — Casino Game With A Twist

You can easily guess how exactly Blackjack Surrender game differs from the classical Blackjack's variant. In this version a player has an outstanding opportunity to surrender the cards in case their values don’t satisfy him - an option many gamblers have been waiting for so long. It is possible to play using one hand or several ones - up to five - quantity depends on your taste and amount of desirable winnings.

New Look At Classic Game

This is a very common game of cards which is widespread throughout the entire world. Its aim consists in achieving the particular quantity of points - it must be somewhere near 21 but shouldn't overcome this number. The scores of other players in the round are ignored - only value you compete with is the one of dealer’s hand. When you play Blackjack Surrender online, remember that all the given cards have peculiar points to be payed for them, so their total value is easily calculated - Ace equals to 1 or 11(depending on combination it takes part in), smaller cards correspond to the numbers depicted on them and cards starting from 10 to the King are worth 10 points.

This main principle of game stays same but now you are able to surrender your hand in case these cards don’t satisfy you. But surely everything is not as easy as it seems to be. For doing that you’ll need to pay half of the bet you’ve placed in the beginning of the round. Surely, if you are playing not Blackjack Surrender free, but its real variant that fact won’t be very pleasant, but it’s better to lose only half, not all the money!

Tips For Quicker Menu Operating

When the game is launched you’ll see a table with several hands you’ll have to place bets on. Their quantity depends on you - select the most convenient number. After you have selected stake values for each one of the chosen hands (by the way, the amounts of stakes are represented in a very wide range - from 1 to 300 dollars) the next step is to press Deal and start a gaming round. Each of the selected hands is given two cards by a casino dealer both in Blackjack Surrender flash and download version.

The arrow shows what exactly hand you are playing with at the current moment. There is a broad range of options available for a hand - you may select whether to “Hit”, “Double”, “Stand” or finally “Surrender” it. As we said above, if you choose “Surrender” option a half of the total bet will be lost.

There exist several variants of Blackjack Surrender - casino game for free or real money. We strongly recommend to try yourself at real game and feel adrenaline rush and thrill of true gambling. For players who are not accustomed to playing table games and still are not very familiar with the rules free version played for entertainment will be the most convenient variant. On particular online casinos you will be required to download some special software to play this game.