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Play Blackjack Switch Online — Classics From Another Angle

Not much of card games gained such fame as Blackjack — Switch online casino game, Surrender version and other variants can be found floating around the Internet. To tell the truth, no card game of the same kind earned the reputation BlackJack has.

Switch The Jacks

As you probably know this is rather simple game that allows you to multiply your money or find yourself with empty pockets. Honestly saying, when you play, you are placing a bet on your luck as well as on your money. This variant of game has more instruments to test your luck and special skills.

You can find three bet areas on the table of Blackjack Switch flash game. Two of them are normal (the bigger ones) and cards would be dealt there. The third one is Super Match area (the smaller one). If you bet there than your Super bet can win only in case you got two or more cards, among your four initial cards, which are of the same type.

The most significant feature which alters this variant of table game from others is a Switch option. When game starts and cards are dealt, then it's high time a player should make his move. Switch is an additional option to already existing, like Hit (reception of another card), Stand (you do nothing with your cards), Double (you double the amount of your bet and receive the third card), Split (you can split your cards that you have in one hand on two hands) and Insurance (you can protect your bet from dealer's BlackJack). Switch option is available both in Blackjack Switch online free version and real variant, it allows you to switch cards in your hands to increase or even your number of points.

Play Your Cards

The rest rules are the as in classical game. The number of points must not exceed 21 in each hand. If you gathered bigger amount of points — dealer wins. Ace is counted for 11 points until you reach the verge of 21, than it has to be counted as one point. After player made his move it's time for a dealer to make his. He opens his cards and starts to pick cards from the deck untill he has 17 points. If he gathered more than 21 points, than the player wins. In case the dealer gets BlackJack the player loses (if bet was not insured) even if he has BlackJack himself. Having read our Blackjack Switch review, now you see that is a game for those who value their time and likes to spend it with pleasure. The game for gentleman invites you to join in and experience it's new modification. Stop teasing yourself with an american dream and make your move to your fortune.