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Play Cash Blox Online

Cash Blox distinguishes in some way from the usual ones - like habitual European Roulette, or Blackjack, because it really looks like an old good Tetris. Playtech developers made a wise choice when they brought to life an old game. It reminds people times when there were not so many computers and strategic games and that Tetris was like a magic tool to spend their spare time. This nostalgic play became more differentiated and can give money - not a small amount, by the way. Do you know how much a gamer gets? You will not believe your eyes, but maximum size of prize is  $40 000. Amazing, yeah? What would you purchase having such cash? We think a lot.

Collect All Cash Blox Pieces

The classic and colored interface of the game is easy-to-understand for everyone, who launches it. So how does this kind of Tetris, paying you money, work? Traditional pieces, which consist of 4 colorful and different shape parts, are falling down. Gamer can't control their position on the display - it just depends on fortune. The main idea lies in the opportunity to build stable lines across the netting. The number of lines can be 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 and the more a user manages to create the higher will be an award.

Cash Blox Game

Stakes amount varies from $0,10 to $10,00. Player can select as many as he wishes. So you can start from small sum and as the round of Cash Blox goes you can increase betting because the biggest prize of $40 000 can be achieved only for the highest stake. And we want to add, that there is some bonus for a gambler. Magic Block that appears ones or twice a playing and completes the line triggers in 10 additional rounds.

Wanna Start?

The interface of the game is simple enough and every player can deal with it. Every time you point out with a cursor on some key it is highlighted. Green Play button begins your round and colored pieces begin to fall every which way. If a gamer wants to enjoy the slow motion, he is able to press Slow Mode and different shape parts will be falling down longer. The betting value is changed with the aid of plus and minus signs, which are situated on the lower menu line. Auto Play mode will operate process of playing Cash Blox instead of a gamer and it can be 10, 25, 50, 99 times.

Remind yourself old time of Tetris playing, enjoy it and get big sum of money right now - you deserve the best!