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Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Catching Deuces Wild – video poker game - is available for downloading on your Smartphone through Google Play. Since playing poker has become available not only in the live casino room but via the Internet; the number of fans increased greatly. Along with 10s Or Better and Aces And Faces it is a kind of lottery that gives cash to those, who are not afraid to buy it in the way of placing the stakes.

Select Your Lottery – Deuces Wild Poker Rules

We represent you one of the most enjoyable online games, which has some surprise we will tell you later. It involves 52 cards and the hidden bonus is that all 2s or "Deuces" can substitute every image selected by a user. This additional feature expands every gambler chances to add together the successful hand. The deck of cards is mixed before every round of video poker Deuces Wild. You can put maximum five coins for one bet. 2s are not given when you start you deal for the first time, they are won when is compounded at least one winning combination.

Video Poker Deuces Wild

In this game there are 10 effective hands :

  • The most valuable is Royal Flush (x 500), that is made without wild symbols

  • Next comes 4 Deuces (x 200)

  • Then goes Royal Flush(x 25)

  • 5 of a Kind(x 15)

  • Straight flush (x 9)

  • 4 of a kind(x 5)

  • Full House (x 3)

  • Flush (x 2)

  • Straight (x 2)

  • 3 of a kind (x1)

We want to add, that "Royal Flush" setting on the screen gives Jackpot in a case of a maximum stake and "4 Deuces" supplies a half Jackpot with the highest bet.

Small 2s But Big Winnings

If you are going to play free Deuces Wild video poker games or their real analogues, then here are few tips to be your game productive. Foremost every gambler has to select the specific bet (with the aid of "plus" and "minus" keys) and then press "Deal". Later on by a single touch you can hold the card, which means that it will not be replaced. "Discard" actives the opposite operation. After the one winning round you can press "Collect" mode and continue making win hands or you have an opportunity to get twice multiplied sum of money by clicking with the help of your mouse on the "Double" button. When this mode is turned on, a user must choose the card, which is of higher denomination than of that was shown before. If it happens a person takes a win if not he loses all coins. This option is really very useful and people often employ it. The award is paid after the last hand is made. Player has a simple possibility to call for a help by selecting "Help" button, if something remained unclear when you play Deuces Wild video poker.