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French Roulette – How To Play For Real Money

Roulette is an incontestable queen of table games for more than three centuries. The army of its fans grows rapidly day by day. What attracts new admirers in it? The answer is easy – its simplicity and hazardous feeling that it gives to players. Here we'll try to describe general rules of roulette, where to play it online for real money and expand on the most old-fashioned and aristocratic type – French roulette online.

Historical, Types And Rules Background

History of this table game began in Paris an the end of eighteenth century. In fact, little has changed in its rules, but with the course of time there appeared new subdivisions of it. English, American, European and French roulette are played all over the world. They are not very different, though each one has some distinguishing characteristic.

French roulette is a little bit more complicated than other variations and it takes more time to understand its rules. The table is lined into thirty-seven sections, each has a number on it, zero is included. Unlike other kinds, the numbers are painted white, while the sections 1-36 are of red and black color, zero is green. French roulette real money game doesn't offer a double-zero division, so your chances to win are higher. Aside from that, French roulette include a standard wheel and a lined field for bets.

What Is The Specialty?

The difficulty of the game consists in two additional rules specific to particularly this type of game. They are called La Partage and En Prison. The essence of En Prison: all wagers, which are placed on money bets, leave on the gaming table till the next round. During La Partage half of the value of wagers is returned to players.

Mark Your Best Playing Destinations

Most sites offer different variations of roulette including French one. For example, you can play it for real money at such French Roulette casino as Quasar Gaming or Star Games. Aim is same as usual: to predict where the ball falls, and in case of right decision receive your winnings. Its menu is rather simple and user-friendly: size of bets are regulated with special buttons, and when you are ready, simply press Start and the wheel begins turning.

Playing French roulette for real money gives you a great possibility not only test your luck and tickle your nerves, but also win incredibly high amounts of cash.