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Jackpot Darts Casino Game

Jackpot Darts will make you get cash online - imagine that you are somewhere in the pub and big dartboard is hanging on a wall, but there is no need in making aiming efforts to get some prize. In this game a single user just has to guess where that dart will point out. In order not to be attacked by scammers and protect winnings, choose the best real money casino to play - consult our list.

Throw 3 Arrows Again

The process of playing goes in such way. A gamer selects different stakes predicting on which place will 3 located on the board arrows point out. Then he actually throws and after that currency is given due to these predictions. Jackpot Darts allows different variants of placing bets, so chances to win are very high. First, we are going to describe all parts of the board in order you could understand which different kinds of wages you should select. So, the main sectors are single ring, then double ring followed by triple ring, outer bull and the last is a bullseye.

Dart touching upon single one gives the amount of points, which is written in the sector, double multiplies them on two and treble triples it. Outer bull’s valuation is 25 pips. And bullseye may be called the most valuable part and it gives 50. Now let's talk about types of bets in Jackpot Darts. There are Singles that shows the number of darts touching the single ring. Doubles betting quantity, which hits double circle. Trebles stake the amount on the treble round. Each of them consists of no, 1, 2, 3 and has its value of multiplying. Outer Bull stakes that one dart touches external place and an Inner Bull means opposite. Lo/Mid/Hi means that arrows will point to certain diapason. And 1-20 Singles - at least one chip hits a single circle of some part of the board. A player has to know, that the maximum number of different stakes is five. You can also win Progressive Jackpot.

How Jackpot Darts Will Bring You Currency

Game starts with setting the bets - like in majority of arcade games, for example, Spin A Win or Cashblox. Remember that there 8 kinds of it and you can take up to 5 of them. If you open every specific bet, click on it and choose what you want and also with plus and min key select the stake's sum (the smallest value is € 0,10), then press Confirm button. After that select, Throw and 3 darts will move towards the dartboard. Rebet enables repeating previous stakes. On the red wide window will be shown all results of user's throwing. There is also an upper menu, by clicking on the sound symbol you can make it louder or the opposite and turn it off. Symbol of a screwdriver opens the slot machine Options, where there are 3 kinds of settings to meet your tastes and Help.