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Online Joker Poker Game — For Card Games Fans

Video Joker Poker has some other names also known in a world of gamblers - Jacks Or Better, or Joker Wild. In this variant the image of Joker acts as a Wild symbol - it can substitute other card values thus creating a profitable hand. Due to the presence of Joker there are 53 cards in the deck instead of regular 52.

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Secrets Of Perfect Combinations

You start playing having five cards and throughout the entire game your aim will be to hold the most valuable cards thus creating profitable winning hand. If there are some undesired cards it is possible to discard them. Cards of required values remain and only after you determined them push Deal and those cards you refused to hold will be replaced by dealer.

All the winning hands in online Joker Poker game have different names and are ranked by the profit they bring to gambler. There are eleven types of them, the most profitable is called Natural Royal Flush while the least profitable is Jacks Or Better. Natural Royal Flush contains all five highest values from 10 to Ace.

Surely, gamblers have invented some peculiar strategies to gain the biggest profit. To follow a successful way you need to know that there are two kinds of dealt hands - the ones having Joker and the ones that don’t. Depending on the combination you deal with, find out what strategy should you stick to.

Keys And Buttons Of Joker Poker Online Game

It will take you some time to find out what different buttons of the interface mean, but don’t worry - there is nothing difficult in it. Your bets are settled by special control button - you can increase or decrease their values by + and -. “Bet Max” option adjusts all values to their maximum amounts and starts the game using them. Finally, “Deal” is our central button - due to it all the things are done. To hold the cards you want just click on them.

When you play Joker Poker free online, you may notice such button as “Draw”. It substitutes undesired cards with some other ones. For lazy players who don’t want to deal with all these buttons developers offer special Autoplay feature, which allows to launch the whole process automatically. This option is available when you switch between two modes: regular and expert one.

If you can’t imagine life without hazards, then increase gains by “Doubling”. A dealer has a card which is face-up. You’ll see a range of other cards which are face-down. In case the card you’ve chosen is more valuable then you get doubled winnings. It is possible to continue gambling round or collect gains.

So, having read our review, you see that in Joker Poker card game rules are not so difficult — even a person new to gambling easily learns them. One more advantage is possibility to win the highest jackpot which consists of 5000 coins - it happens in case of collecting Natural Royal Flush.