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Play Megaball Online

In exciting Megaball casino game eight different chances to win currency are already waiting for you. All you need is to make funny predictions and one of it for sure can be true. Animated graphics and tonal effects will add some spicy features to general impressions of the game.

Let Megaball Smile To You

This play includes standard elements and other various functions that make it in super great request among gamers. Many animated balls can be chosen by player before the clock rings. You are given only one minute to select all these smiling chips. When a time is out, a gamer hears a bell and six from 48 possible balls of different denominations and colors will appear – like in Silverball, another game of Bingo type. Developers created multivarious kinds of bets for a player to be interested.

What type of stakes will you find in Megaball? Let's see below.

Colors give an opportunity to select among red, yellow and blue and the digit of it

  • Cocktail means that a player has to choose if there will be one or two of the given palette
  • Sixth is guessing the digits of 6 balls and whether red or yellow, or blue appears
  • Steps is making a choice in the position of elements (they are higher or lower than the previous)
  • Numbers consits in predicting 4 figures. First & last means telling if the first will occur with a higher number than the last one or vice versa
  • Total - proposes the sum of each symbol digit

A player has to know that each bet has its amount of money starting from €0.10 to €100. If you want to win the main award - Jackpot, then you have to guess all 6 balls. Obviously, that it difficult to achieve, but for those who already managed to do it the average win is £200,000.

Are You Ready To Guess?

If something happens to your Internet connection these problems will not interrupt the game. The amount of your currency in Megaball will remain the same as it was before and when you log in on our site again the stakes will not be changed. When playing each of 8 games you are able to change the sum per bet with the help of plus and minus keys. If all options are made you click Confirm, if not - a gamer has a right to return to previous feature by pressing Back. If you want to refuse some actions then push the Cancel button. On the right side of display, there are two windows, which show the current Bet and Win. In case a player wants to adjust settings, he can find two small keys. The first is tune regulation and the second one contains History, Option and Help sections.