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Mini Roulette Casino Game Online

There already exist lots of variations of this world-famous table game. Mini Roulette isn’t a far cry from them, but has its own peculiar features, which make it special. In this review we are going to expand on them in more detail and descripe the interface and rules of the game. You can also find a demo version and practice playing it before starting real money gambling journey. Globe Roulette online - another variation of classical game - is also offered for free on our website.

What’s New?

Let’s see, where exactly the difference lyes. As a rule, regular Roulette table has 37 (French/European) or 38 sections (American type), colored red or black. Its mini variant is divided into only 12 sections, painted in same colors and has a zero division of a blue shade. That is why Mini Roulette has such a name - the quantity of numbers you are playing with is cut three times, so the chance to hit a jackpot had considerably grown.

Mini Roulette Online

Same Old Rules

In order to start, you must deside what amount of money you are ready to put on a stake and then select a chip of corresponding size by means of clicking on it. After that choose the area on the table you’re going to bet on and do the same. You are free to select more than one field to bet on simultaneously.

If you push Shift and click on the chip at the same time, this stake will be removed from the table of Mini Roulette. It is also possible to delete all the bets you’ve already placed if in your opinion they are incorrect - just select Clear Bets and the whole table will be removed.

Always take into consideration minimum and maximum bets of the table - their amounts usually depend on your VIP level. After all the stakes are determined, spin the wheel.

Functional In Brief

So, to crown it all let’s summarize the information concerning interface into brief list: Spin. Due to this button Mini Roulette is launched - the wheel starts spinning. Clear Bets. Push this key if you wish to remove all the bet’s you’ve placed and start again. Rebet. Used to repeat the stake you’ve selected in a previous round.