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Royal Crown 3 Card Brag Online

Try your chances in Royal Crown 3 Brag game. Developers make it very realistic and a user feels like he is playing with a dealer in the real land-based casino. On the gambling table you will see two hands competing – find out, which one is better and if yours then you take cash, in another case you lost.

Open Your Cards And Win

52 card pack is used in this poker and jokers are not included, like in other kind of this card game called Deuces Wild. At the beginning of each round the deck is shuffled. A gambler plays with a croupier and the main object is to receive better combination than a casino has. Hand consists of 3 elements. A person can stake on Pair Bonus and Ante. Each of it costs from 0, 50 to 20 chips. After he decided about the bet, he is given 3 cards, which denomination is seen. Dealer also receives them but they are face down. What happens next? In case a player thinks, that his combination consists of no high elements, he selects Fold and his currency will be given to casino. But in Royal Crown 3 Card Brag a gamer can also choose Play and a croupier will show his hand. So, what situation occurs next? If among dealer's cards there is one high symbol (queen) it will be then compared to those player's one. If a user's combination is lower, then his chips are given to casino, if not two stakes are paid 1:1.

royal crown 3 card brag

There are also bonuses included in this game. There are few combinations, which will give a gambler an award, no matter what card will dealer have. So, a person will succeed with an ante in case he has Straight (1:1), Straight flush (4:1) or Three of a kind (5:1). Progressive Jackpot is not supported in this gambling.

Make Your Ante In Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

What are the main options? Bet button shows money amount, you can change any time you want, with + and - mode. When all stakes are made, a player presses Deal or he might select Clear and put chips again. After receiving 3 cards, you can either choose Play or Fold. Info mode helps a user to understand peculiarities of poker, there he will find the meaning of each symbol, rules, stakes and so on. Same Bet will make the stake due to your previous one. Some settings are available above the poker table. For example, every gambler can reduce the sound, turn off the main tune or voice in the whole. Also, he is able to switch display to a wide aspect or to make it full screen. Exit finishes the playing process and a user leaves the page. Help shows additional info.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag is the best solution for those, who are keen on playing poker with a dealer. If you are fond of poker games, also try 10s Or Better - another variation of classical play. Interesting graphics and logical interface makes gambling very realistic.