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The Slotfather slot is an online gambling game launched by a company called the Betsoft. It has been designed with the famous movie "The Godfather" which shook audiences across the world its daring mafia themes and etched on to public memory by Mario Puzo's brilliant portrayal of the mafia boss. The game offers a lot to the chronic gamblers of the world. interesting conversation, challenging games and the mafia's superb characters have been all incorporated in this game by Betsoft. Check out some other Betsoft slots if you like this game.

The game details and payoffs

The Slotfather slot game has some excellent payouts with one jackpot running up to $5,000 in real cash. You can bet 5 coins per each payline and the maximum amount one person can bet is fixed at $150 per spin. The minimum however is fixed at a remarkably low two cents. The game has thirty pay lines and a customer can choose as many lines as he / she prefers for a single spin of the reels. Bonuses and additional payments have been built in and someone occasionally wins. spreading hope and anticipation all around. That is the lure of every slot game. If you select the Betmax icon on the screen, you are betting the maximum amount in a single click.

The Bonus details

Four separate bonuses have been included in these games of the Slotfather slot machines. These are named as the simple bonus, the underboss scatter bonus, the sneaky instant win bonus and the last one is the mob bonus.

The bonus round gets activated when a customer strikes a minimum of three slotfather symbols on just one pay line. This round ends by asking you to do a job for the slotfther and collect some more cash. There is a possibility to meet the slotfather (remember the excitement of meeting The Godfather?) and get a little extra reward.

Enjoy The Slotfather slot machine free

To sum up, the Slotfather slot machine is a real money game played in Casinos. Here you can play it for free. When you play there is good background music to add to the ambience. One more interesting thing for you to do in Las Vegas - when you come there, you'll know what to play.