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Under the Bed slot review

To start with it should be said that Under the bed is a Betsoft’s 3D video slot based on a common children’s fear of monsters from underneath their beds. Thing that makes this slot so great is his great graphical and sound presentation. It has an outstanding effects and animation that is so good it can be paired with high budget animated movies. Check all Betsoft slots at this site.

How to start

The game features 5 reels and 30 lines. Bets are placed per line here. Players select lines and bets for spins. There is also Max Bet Spin if you think you are on winning streak that will automatically select largest wager and activate all pay lines.

The game features

The wilds you get here are sticky. Collect these special symbols if you want to gamble free spins. Depending on how much rim monsters you had in your combination, the number of wilds on the board will be bigger.

Also, try to collect three beds symbols. It allows to play a bonus. Players are asked to pick between 5 cards, each hiding either monsters or parents inside, if you chose monsters, you will get more credits, but if you pick parents card, the kids will get comforted and you will collect your prize from monsters.

Some of the features of this game are free spins and the chance to double your wins by guessing if the dice will show even or the odd numbers.

Under the Bed slot game online

With this game it seems like every spin is a winning one, since every spin gives you a chance to earn something. This and its beautiful 3D graphics and sound effects clearly shows that the future of video slots has begun.