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Review Of Video Roulette Casino Game

Combine table game together with virtual reality and you will get Video Roulette casino game made by Playtech company. It offers same features as its land-based analogue – usage of La Partage rule, more than 30 ways for staking combined with user-friendly interface having interactive statistics and helpful options. It is more than enough to begin gambling it. Don't forget trying to play 3D Roulette - another modern variant of classical table game.

Convenience Combined With Profitability

For winning in Roulette we are ready to follow numerous strategies and believe in legends about success, however, they do not always work properly. No matter whether you are playing Video Roulette game free or chose real version, it is possible to follow your favorite techniques. Useful options make the process of gambling easier and more exciting. Let's see what do they include.

You'll meet so-called Heat Map feature. It is used for learning about most often outcomes - just click on the words ”Heat Map” and instead of ordinary European Roulette field you will see the hottest and coldest zones for wagering. It is possible to return to ordinary mode with clicking on that button again.

Another helpful option – statistics in percentages. Just direct mouse over any section and know the probability to gain it right away due to the current outcomes. In addition, above the buttons there is a section with percentages for Evens. The most frequent are Red together with Odd numbers, however the difference between them isn’t too high and constantly changes.

After dealing with statistics, start putting chips on wager zones on the gaming field of Video Roulette game online using inside bets rules together with outside as well as using special buttons: Cold, Hot and Special. Manipulating with those three sections you set automatically programmed wagers. In order to add any changes to the staking area operate with Remove together with Remove All options that clear certain amount of chips from the gambling field.

Such buttons as Repeat and Double place on wagering earlier bets and increase two times stakes respectively.

For operating with the gameplay speed there is special turbo mode. Any settings and tools are located in the right corner above the game.

More Than 30 Ways For Betting

Take any chip with various denomination from 1 up to 100 to place stakes in Video Roulette online game and launch spinning. The most curious thing is that it involves real casino moments – when you trigger gameplay the window with real dealer and wheel appears and you see how dealer throws the ball. After it in another window the whole wheel and field with chosen wagers are displayed, thus you observe how it is spinning and outcome is shown scaled-up in separate window.

Together with traditional Roulette bets for numbers starting from 1 number up to 6 in one group that are called inside together with wagers for such sections as colors, dozens and others that are named outside, other peculiar bets are presented. They are Announce bets and Special. Their detailed description is provided at the Help section (click on Spanner button,when you play Video Roulette online and it will be shown).

Another cool point about Video Roulette is La Partage rule. If you set any wager on Evens, and Zero sector comes out, you will be credited half of your wager back.

Gamble it once you will surely return to it twice and even more times just because of its convenience and stunning payouts. Moreover, theoretically counted return to player is 98.65% - thus, almost 99%!