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Mummy Scratch Review

The winds of Giza are scratching at your digital doors and if you open them, you might find a mummy with a prize there. Of course there is not only the mummy there but the whole bunch of Stephen Sommers characters. Together they created The Mummy Scratch - dedicated to the same movie as Mummy slot machine by Playtech.

Sarcophagus' Treasure

This game will help you spend your leasure time not only with fun but also with profit! The game's aim is to collect three identical symbols to get the reward. Symbols may be arranged in any order, the main goal is to have three of them on the screen at the same time. Payout depends on the combination that you got. It varies from X1 (the lowest symbol) and X1000 (the highest symbol). You can find the value of each symbol and their images on both side of the play-field. In Mummy Scratch, as in many such games you have an option of «auto play». The cards could be scratched one by one or all at once. After clicking the «Play» button it will transform to «Scratch all» button so you need not torture your nerves by scratching cards one by one. You can add or submite the value of your bet in the «card price» window at the screen's bottom.

You will eventually find the game even more rewarding knowing that bonus round could be right around the corner. Yes, yes, we do know that scratch cards do not usually have bonus games, but that is not the case with The Mummy Scratch. When the symbol of Mummy Bonus emerges on the screen you will be offered to select one of the six sarcophagi. Benith each sarcophagus lid lies a random amount of treasure and only your luck will be the determinant of the amount of your prize.

Explore Mystery With Mummy Scratch

From the late XVIII century till now many expeditions roumed the Egyptian desert to find the mysterious treasures of long-dead kings. Thanks to the technologies you no longer need to be an archaeologist or scientist and endure the heat of the mersless desert sun to uncover the secrets of Egypt. You need only to switch your computer on and enter the online casino, sitting at home in your cozy chair, to dive in the world of adventure