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Play Who Spun It slot game

Who Spun It slot is a 3D casino, mystery type game and you are the detective. The game begins saying that there has been a murder at Wellington Manor and you will have to find out who the mystery killer is. Of course, everyone is looking up to you to find out who it is and bring him to justice, so this is a one of kind, edge of the seat type casino game! If you love thrilling stories that can be lucrative as well be a pleasure to the eye, check out House of Fun slot.

Gameplay and features

Every time you spin the reel, you will reveal a new clue, which will allow you to figure out who the killer is, little by little. Although the game follows a detective story, it's still a slot so you play by spinning each round, just as any other slot machine. Each round is another piece to the puzzle.

The symbols you find on 5 reels with 30 paylines depict the detective and his notes, the inhabitants of the house and the attributes of the crime scene. The symbols are extremely important, as this determines payout. Each symbol determines a certain pay, and a winning combo can create an animation.

Once all of the clues are collected, and the game is coming to an end, you will hit a bonus round. This bonus round gives you a chance to argue with the killer, question him, then lock him up in jail. The game has other features besides the bonus round, such as Clue Coin Collecting which is collecting clue coins throughout the game. This feature will trigger another feature, Clue Collection Mode, which allows you to play these clue coins. Apart from that there are the Free Spins Mode and the Double Up feature in store.

Gamble Who Spun It slot machine

The Who Spun it slot is a different, yet thrilling game, keeping you excited and ready for the next clue on each spin. A great slot to take spins at with all of your friends the next time you go out to the bar or casino!