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Hexaline slot review

To those players to whom Lady Luck favors Hexaline slot machine can bring great prizes. If you're lucky, rely on fate, because counting the steps during play Hexaline slot is impossible. The slot is owned by Microgaming and it is felt from the first seconds - as always an interesting idea and bright high quality graphics.

Hexaline is the most unusual ever slot that can be found among the slots. The game takes place on the field, divided into eighteen hexagonal cells resembling a honeycomb. This comparison is especially exact during the bonus round, when the cells are filled with golden symbols. Gaming features of Hexaline slot machine.


At the beginning of each spin, 18 gaming cells fill with colored hexangles. When on an active paylines sets of 5 identical pieces fill out cells, a player receives a payment, multiplied from x0.1 and up to x1.5 depending on the color and type of figures. Amount of credits won for each combination depicted directly on the active line.

The highest multiplier the Wild symbol gives. Wild symbols easily recognizable by an inscription on it. This symbol can replace any other missing in a prize combination. In case a player collects a chain of Wilds only, the prize will be equal to the bet multiplied by 1.5.

Hexaline slot machine demo

As for the Bonus Game, to access it, wait on the playing field Bonus symbols. Choose one of closed cell. The arrow to the left or right appears. In accordance with the motion vector, discover new cells. Prepare for the fact that at any moment in a hidden cell can be a cross instead of arrows, which will inform about the end of the bonus round, or an asterisk, which brings the maximum benefit. The cost of uncovered symbols depends on their position in the series - from 50 to 350 credits each. Whereas in the main game winning amounts are not large, in the bonus round it is possible to earn well.