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Ladies Nite slot

Ladies Nite slot machine is a stylish type of online game, the concept was inspired from girls and expensive cocktails and players can enjoy the 5 reel, 9 pay line video slots using what they call as the Bonus Gamble feature.

Actually, this is a highly attractive game for male players, due to the fact that the game feels like being inside a late night stylish club party. In order to keep the Ladies nite slot game interesting, the game makers have included bonus features, symbols and scatters.

How to play?

The player needs to grab all the lucky symbols present in the Ladies Nite. They have to search for the main ones that the cocktail tray holding waiter is providing. The lucky symbols will at times include an edgy handbag, a lipstick a giant cocktail or a high end perfume. The gamers must watch out for the wild and scatter features of the game, and search for a shiny disco ball that can work as a substitute for the missing symbols so that they can complete the winning pay line.

Ladies Nite slot machine online for fun

Another feature that the gamer would have to look out for is the Ladies Nite money booster, including that of the Chip and Dale Scatter feature in order to increase the chances of winning.

If the player would be able to collect two of them and get 2 coins or see three or more spinning on the wheels, they can start the 15 free spin features. Other chances will include a 3x multiplier on anything that has been won during the entire feature of the game.