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Rock Paper Scissors Game Review

Famous Rock Paper Scissors is now available online - great news for those who prefer simple if profitable casino games (like Heads or Tails or Cash Blox). In this one you are not required to study some complicated rules or think several moves ahead - just select one of the variants: rock, paper or scissors and see whether your choice is successful!

Three Simple Steps To Follow

In this version your rival will be a computer. When the game is launched, you see two hands, one of them belongs to you, the other is opponent’s. You choose one of the available variations and then see whether it beats the result of your competitor. The combinations in Rock Paper Scissors are the following three:

  • Rock wins Scissors
  • Scissors win Paper
  • Paper wins Rock
rock paper scissors online

Before you start playing, determine the bets to be placed. Regulate their size by means of keys having + and - signs on the control panel. In case you’ve lost, the oney put on a stake, disappears. And vice versa, if you won, you are payed 1.9 times your bet.

Extra Features You’ll Mention

If today is your luckiest day and you’ve won a lot already, then there comes a chance to bet on winning streak. In Rock Paper Scissors such stakes are available for two-four matches. It is posible to view and select them by clicking on the right side of the screen. Remember that after you’ve chosen a particular number of rounds, they should end with your victory. These rounds must be uninterrupted and follow each other in a sequence. It is possible to deactivate this mode by pushing a button Quit Streak Bet.

Hot Keys Of Rock Paper Scissors

There are two possible ways to control the course of game - by means of using a computer mouse or keyboard. If you prefer the last, then get acquainted with useful buttons, which can substitute clicking the mouse:

  • Pressing TAB you highlight one or another key on the screen and switch between them
  • ENTER selects currently highligted buttons and stands for a single mouse click
  • ESCAPE allows to leave the game and after that come back to the main menu