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Play Spirits of Aztec slot game

The Spirits of Aztec slot is totally themed after the mysterious Aztec empire. In fact Aztec is a central Mexican ethnic group which existed in 14th to 16th century and dominated large part of Mesoamerica politically and militarily. So there's no wonder that it's become subject to so many books, movies and even games! Check out Aztec Empire slot if you like this theme!

General description and features

The mysterious Aztecs deeply buried their legendry treasure somewhere in the peninsula of Yucantan which is guarded by a spirit of Aztec who can be defeated by a brave and heroic person. So in this adventurous casino slot game of Aztec treasure you have to seize gold from the treasure and a favor from Aztec emperor.

The spirits of Aztec slot game involves 5 reel and 20 pay lines to play it. The bonus feature of this game include free spins that are triggered by scatters. There are scatter symbols depicting jaguar, princess, totems and vulture.

One of the most lucrative icons is Gecko symbol. Receive at least 3 of them on the reels and you'll be awarded some more free spins. If you get a gecko symbol again during the playthrough of this round, you'll get even more spins in the free mode! But this is not the only unusually generous symbol: spears and gems are pretty lucrative too but the bonus round is triggered by the icons depicting a hut, so you'd better watch out for these.

Enjoy Spirits of Aztec slot machine

To sum up, Spirits of Aztec slot machine is totally different from the old generation of gaminators and is a real pleasure to play due to its sharp graphics, exciting plot line and well thought-out bonus and payouts system.