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Play Star Attraction

Play Star Attraction slot online

If you consider yourself lucky, then you will sure be willing to make some of money banking on your luck. If you are a movie fanatic as well, then you are sure to love this game. The Star attraction gaminator is your best bet to make some easy money by playing around with your luck. Stop waiting, and come play at the Star attraction slot and make real easy money out of your luck or play for fun for free to test your luck!

Gameplay and features

Star Attraction game play is pretty easy to understand. Here the players are required to spin the dial to align a combination of different symbols and Hollywood movie stars. The symbols spin on 5 verticals dials forming 9 different lines each consisting of a 3’s combination of symbols and Hollywood stars. The lines are a mere alignment of the symbols which can be horizontal, slanted or pivoted at different points making diagonal, cross, vertical, Horizontal, V and inverted V shapes. While playing in a Star Attraction slot, the player can place a bet of 1 to 100 credits on any of the 9 lines. If the line where he placed his bet gets the alignment of 3 scattered symbols, then the player wins 12 re-spins through which he can win more.

The symbols range from a sapphire wine glass, to a Smokey cigar, or the legendary glove and walking stick of MJ, a film camera, a theatrical stage and 2 Hollywood stars etc. The players even have the option to do their own spinning or even can tap the auto-spin button to auto spin the dials on their own. The game is exciting and addictive, and if you are lucky enough, it can make you rich if played on real money.

Gamble Star Attraction slot game

On the whole, playing on a Star Attraction slot can be very fruitful for those who are lucky and for those who are die-hard fans of the Hollywood!