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Spin A Win Online

Twist Spin A Win colored wheel and money will jump into your account - the algorithm reminds habitual Roulette game. Fortune likes risky people, so these red, orange, blue, yellow and green numbers are ready to be selected. Just launch the game and you will like it.

Guess And Win Spin A Win Now

Here is represented a roulette wheel where different denominations and color symbols are drawn. Player's main task is to make a prediction spinning result. To stake on some part of the circle, a gamer has to click on it with the help of his mouse. Every time you select some wage the amount of your bet increases dramatically. Every gambler can put from 0, 10 cents to 50 euros for one stake. There are 24 digits in the whole. Multiplying feature depends on certain kinds of stakes, which are divided on:

  • Some specific number. It means that a player selects a digit, which he thinks will be pointed out with a cursor.
  • Sector. A user bets on figures, which are ranged from 1-8 digits or 9-16 ones, or 17-24. It is more possible to win with this kind of stake.
  • Color. A gambler can choose a single color or a pair of it. For example, green/red, blue/yellow, red/blue, green/yellow etc.
  • Last numeral. It is pointing to the character that will be the last 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Even or Odd. It is guessing if the figure in Spin A Win which will be odd or even.
  • Higher or lower. To activate it a gamer has to spin a wheel at least one time. This bet is predicting whether the second twisting is of higher or lower value.

No progressive Jackpots and Bonuses are available while playing.

Let The Wheel Whirl

On this skillfully done interface, a user can observe a colored wheel, where the main actions are held. On the left and right sides, you will find betting fields. Also, there is a button, called Spin and launches the circle whirling. Clear Last Bet will obviously delete the last stake. And Clear All Bets will remove all wages. The Total Bet is situated at the right lower corner. Also, every gamer has a possibility to adjust the sound (increase it or decrease). By pressing screwdriver button it will be shown three kinds of modes, which will make the playing process very simple and convenient. If gaming will be interrupted by some malfunctions, then nothing bad will happen. Every player can continue gambling with the help of login and password at any time or day. Spin A Win is available for downloading on the user's mobile phone, he only has to search for it on Google Play.

May all your predictions come true and a big prize will be yours.