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Wheel Of Light Casino Game

For those, who are fond of original European roulette developers represented Wheel Of Light arcade game. As an advantage, it is more stylized and different stakes are prepared for a player to win. A gambler just has to make a precise prognostication and then light magic will present him with gold.

Take Your Chips And Win

Playtech provides fans of arcade games with one more exciting product, offering different interesting bets and winnings. When a circle is spinning, balls are lightened one after another and a gambler's main goal is to guess when they will stop. Though it might seem hard to do for a new gamer, who is not familiar enough with the game, but after he knows the details everything will be very easy. So, first, you have to be familiarized with each chip values. So, how stakes are formed in Wheel of Light? There are four colored chips and each of it has its denomination. In details Red is equal to 0.20 cents, Yellow has 5 euros, Blue is 25 € and Green has 1 euro. When a player makes his stakes he selects this or that kind of chip and put in on the wheel due to chosen bet. If he wants more money to be at stake, he only has to put more dibs on the same place. For instance, if a player thinks of 0, 60 betting value, then he just selects three times the Red coin and places it on the same sector of the wheel.

Now read about different wages that every user can make:

  • Bet on the exact digit, means selecting one figure from 0 to 30;
  • Color it is guessing from 4 colors (Red is 7.5X, Blue is 4.28X, Orange is 2.14X, green is 6X).
  • Stake on the range of numbers : from 1 to 5 gives 6X, from 6 to 13 is 3.75X, from 14 to 16 gives 10X, from 17 to 23 is 4.28X, from 24 to 30 gives 4.28X;
  • High or Low (HI/LO) means staking on two diapasons of numbers: 16 -30 or 1 -15;
  • Odd or Even it is betting on odd or even figures, which brings 2X;

Enjoy Wheel Of Light Spinning

To choose a chip a player clicks on it. If a gambler wants to make a stake he presses on the specific sector of the wheel and every time he points the mouse's cursor on it all betting details are shown. A person can select many different wages, which will be displayed on the tabloid called Stake. Clear All button will remove all stakes and dibs, which were placed on the round. Big yellow symbol on the right side makes the wheel to spin.

When you finish playing Wheel of Light a winning message approves an award. If there is no connection to the network all playing features will be saved and a gambler can successfully continue the game by logging into the site again. If ou liked the game, try also Spin A Win - arcade with almost similar principle of playing.

Watch a beautiful light motion on the colored circle and receive big prizes. There are many variants to make true predictions about the result.