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Pontoon Card Game — Rules, Review, Free Online Version

Being mega popular everywhere Blackjack gave birth to its various types, among which is Pontoon casino game – the one especially loved in Great Britain. NetEnt designed and developed it in its habitual style used for table games, thus players will easily adjust themselves to new game when start testing it. Other kinds of Blackjack - like Blackjack Switch, for example, are also in free access on our website.

Card Tricks

Curious title together with special opportunities and cards hands, moreover, based on Blackjack tradition – these things we can mention when it comes to this game. Due to the best traditions, the highest combo in this game is called Pontoon too and is made with Ace together with 10 points value card (any faces and any of the tens). However, this isn’t the only lucrative combo. For example, 5 Cards Trick is a real trick to cross the 21 points limit. We tried to play Pontoon online free and collected the most profitable combo with Ace and Jack at once after dealing and made 5 cards trick with the following cards: 9,2,2,3 and 5. The final sum is 21. These two special hands has the separate cash outflows counted due to the proportion – 2 to 1. Moreover, they beat ordinary 21 points sum.

Other cards combos payouts are evens, i.e. gained wager per hand is returned together with won money that are equal to wager.

Another difference from original game – there is no more Insurance. It means that if dealer checks his cards whether he collected Pontoon (he makes it each time he gets new cards) and it appears that he has it – the combination will be revealed at once. In other cases, game just will go on. If you tie your score with dealer, he still wins.

But that's not all about Pontoon card game rules - pleasant things wait players with Split option. You are proposed to split hand if two same value cards are dealt to you. The profit is that you can create Pontoon even on split hand.

Multi-hand Feature With 8 Decks

This game played with up to 5 hands. Thus, player can wager on various hands at the same time and deal cards to them for creating more combos. Each hand has its own stake which at the end of the game is compared with dealer’s one for determining winner.

The system of Pontoon games online automatically counts all outcomes after the first round of dealing and if dealer doesn’t own the most beneficial combo the turn goes to the first rightmost hand with the following actions:

  • Double – twice the previous wager
  • Stand – gives turn to another hand or dealer (only if you have minimum 15 points)
  • Hit – requests new card to be dealt

Keep in mind that Bust has the same rules as Blackjack does and act according to the situation.

If any configurations should be changed like music, sound effects, table color, etc. just alter them with appropriate tools.

Section with detailed Pontoon rules is situated in Spanner menu - look there if you need any help. With clicking on it you will expand database with pieces of valuable advice concerning course of game and detailed description of interface.

Providers claim that theoretical return of this game is 99,64%.