Cryptologic software

Being one of the oldest software, Cryptologic was established in 1995, and is still popular in the online gambling industry. The founders of the software casino were Andrew and Mark Rivkin who developed their company and later earned the appreciation in the gambling industry. In 2012, as the result of the improper managements and decreasing fame, the group was sold to the Canadian company that continued it development and restored its popularity.

About the provider

All range of outstanding Cryptologic casino games are represented here. Each gambler will definitely find something interesting for him that will satisfy his tastes and desires. Classic slots like Area 21, as well as extraordinary Jenga and Cubis will color your life and bring you new emotions and unforgettable experience.

The next stage in the development of the software was the interaction with different companies, known for world-known games brands like Batman, Call of Duty, Superman, etc. From that time on a new feature appeared in Cryptologic online casino software. More risk is needed in these Cryptologic slot games as well as desire and time. Each has unique design, unforgettable atmosphere and breathtaking special effects. However, all of this is nothing compared with the rules provided in Cryptologic software. They present you with an opportunity to play the best games and win the biggest prizes.

Cryptologic characteristics

Cryptologic software is popular not only due to its simple and at the same time advantageous rules, but also bright characters and intriguing plots. Various Marvel comics heroes are used in Cryptologic slots, but they do not constitute the major part of the software. Having creative staff, Cryptologic casino has created the series of video slot games, based on beloved movies like Forкest Gump, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Braveheart and others.

All these eye-catching slots will give you good mood, relaxing atmosphere and pleasant time. Moreover, at the end you are sure to get pleasant bonuses. Desiring to spend your time both pleasantly and effectively Cryptologic casino software is just the thing you need. A perfect bonus system, huge jackpots, bonus rounds, free plays, extra spins and many other advantages are presented in the game.

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